How To Time Travel With Turnips


How To Time Travel With Turnips

"A guide about time travel and turnip sells here on The Forum Area.."

🕐 Posted 3 years ago

Mel 3 years ago

Mostly, I was treated really well today when I had my high turnip price. I appreciate it. Thank you for being courteous to me and other players traveling to my map. Please continue to be respectful of hosts in the dodo code area when they have an objective.

Mel 3 years ago

We'll have an amazing game community if we simply keep respecting the host when they're trying to do something. It makes a difference.

Mel 3 years ago

If you are a brand new player and you can prove to me you're a brand new player, and you want to take advantage of someone who has a high turnip selling price, I'll give you the 500,000 starting bells. Just once. If you make a mistake, you're on your own.

Dietrich 3 years ago

Great tutorial. I still do not time travel but can definitely see the benefits. If you have not time traveled you will have a before noon turnip price, and an after noon price which is good until 10pm when shop closes. Time traveling changes the prices.

Tiemi 3 years ago

Everyone, remember if you want to time travel, make sure you don’t have turnips to sell when time traveling to an earlier time or they would rot.

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