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Want to know how to use this dodo code forum?

This is a friendly dodocode/turnips exchange forum. To use this forum you would need to share your ACNH Dodo Code, to allow users to visit your island to have fun and explore the creations and imagination of others.

We want everyone to enjoy the game, and to get excited when the turnip prices are high, so you can get rid of them or when users are doing giveaways on their island, storytelling or playing games.

Commonly asked questions

Experiencing interference?

This usually means that another user is travelling to the island at the same time. Please wait a few minutes and then try to join again.

What does FULL mean?

When you see FULL on our website it means that the island is maxed out which means unless the owner of the island posts their dodo code again, you won't be able to visit that island. We do this because some users want to have only a couple of users on their island.

What games can I create when I have vistors?

Here are a few which we've come up with:

  • Bug off - Requires a timer.
  • Who can catch the biggest fish - Requires a timer
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Island Mazes
  • Hide and Seek
  • Net hitting tag
  • Is this a pitfall seed or an item?

What should I do before opening my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

If you have any items lying around on your island that you don't want visitors to take, make sure you pick them up and store them in your inventory. You could place a fence around these items.

The items which are affected are:

  • Items that have been dropped and not placed. This includes fossils and DYI recipes.
  • All type of fruits (Apple, Cherry, Coconuts, Orange, Peach, Pear), including the fruit still hanging on trees.
  • Bells
  • Star Fragments

Make sure you shake your Hardwood or Cedar Tree so you can get the two daily items that are hidden on them - your visitors could get them before you!

What can visitors do on other Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands?

They can:

  • Plant flowers
  • Shake trees
  • Fish
  • Go diving
  • Catch bugs
  • Pluck and run over flowers
  • Dig fossils (only best friends)
  • Set pitfall traps (only best friends)

Here are some fun facts about NookFriends!

Over 150,000+ Dodo codes have been posted on Nookfriends since launch.

This website is maintained by a couple that loves Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you want to contact us, feel free to reach out to us on social media. You can also send us an email to

Share your Dodo Codes with the Animal Crossing community and visit other islands!

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