Hybrids Not Working


Hybrids Not Working

"Can it be the two plants needed side by side and water nonstop or do they HAVE to be in specific pattern? My current hybrids aren't spawning"

🕐 Posted a year ago

Dietrich a year ago

No clue. Maybe she will check again someday. Lol

Mel a year ago

I pink bombe Izzy, lmao!

Mel a year ago

I hate the color pink, just my thing.. lol. So I found the most tacky item I could find in my invantory, a Mrs. Flamingo, and dropped it on Izzy's map, ran like heck, lmao.. Now it's game on, so fun! LOL

Cetlantis a year ago

Lol just reading comments and catching up 😳

Mel a year ago

:p If you've not me Chris, should get bum over here and wish on some stars, his post above.

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