Things Needed When Building?


Things Needed When Building?

"What does a new player need when starting a new town? Conversation topic. Join in! "

🕐 Posted 3 years ago

Mel 3 years ago

Yeah I feel sorry for Vuo. They're doing that to him right now. I left a message for the Karen's on his post doing to him, lol. I am sure they won't appreciate me speaking up against them, don't care, lol..

Mel 3 years ago

I've seen that poor man ask for star fragments 3x now. That's pitiful!

NayNay 3 years ago

Sorry I am late on this conversation, but when I first started, a wet suit was my go to - I made a lot of bells early on diving for really helped me get started! :) Have a great day, all!

Kevin 3 years ago

Wetsuit is great investment for beginners. Also going to islands that are further along and raiding the shops for tool diys. Ladder or vault pole or like someone said Mario pipes help to get to all your areas

Mel 3 years ago

Giving nook miles tickets is good one too!

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