Order Catalog Question


Order Catalog Question

"I am wondering what exactly causes an item to appear in your order catalog. Do you need to just pick the item up? Look at it? Buy it? "

🕐 Posted 2 years ago

Mel 2 years ago

So once I get my catalog finished (yeah, right) I could possibly buy one of everything, put it all over the place, and let people complete their catalogs by picking up and dropping? That'd be cool!

Tiemi 2 years ago

You could do that, but even time traveling, it would take you A LOT of time and bells.

Mel 2 years ago

Thanks to my "little" pumpkin patch I'm already raking in the bells. Don't have bell issue at all, lol. And getting items at fairly quick rate. Still noobish catalog so far.

Brooke 2 years ago

Exactly how many bells to you take in from selling pumpkins? It'd be nice to take in good amounts of bells, but so far the only way I do that is scuba diving, and that takes awhile.

Mel 2 years ago

With pumpkins, after you plant them, need to water them 2 days in a row to get 3 pumpkins. A pumpkin you can plant on every space. Trees need room to grow. I bring in 600,000 bells per harvest. Large patch. And I time travel. Harvesting up to 7 times a day. Easy math. :)

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