Tarantula nook island


Tarantula nook island

"Hi, I'm on an island that is spawning tarantulas endlessly. I've never seen an island like this design. Anybody else found this island?"

🕐 Posted 3 years ago

Randomguy 3 years ago

These are a common island called tarantula island all the rocks are money rocks there is also a scorpion version as well :)

Brooke 3 years ago

Theres also that one island that has a single rock in the middle that only gives gold nuggets. Would love to get that one

Randomguy 3 years ago

Ye Ik that me too

Randomguy 3 years ago

But I prefer scorpion so I can get the model of of flick and sell em

Sammy7 3 years ago

I didn't catch a scorpion before the switch to tarantulas. I think I'll have a couple of more tarantula models made to place around my isle.

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