I really want a puppy.


I really want a puppy.

"Trade for it. Name item or price. I have a lot of stuff and a big catalog to order. Thanks. "

🕐 Posted 12 days ago

Becky 12 days ago

Hey Nik, I'm looking to collect them all too. I have the pink and the grey one so far. I could post them to you :)

Maddie 12 days ago

@Becky - same! I have the red, black and tricolored puppy plushies. Trade?

NIK 12 days ago

I would love them!!! My friend code is SW-3141-8401-3449. Please let me know what you would like in return. :)

NIK 12 days ago

I'll take any puppy. It would make me so happy. :)

Becky 11 days ago

SW 2027 1527 4905- my friend code Sure Nik, I'll add you when I go on later, I've been busy with the festival lol. Ooo yes please Maddie!!

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