New Friends


New Friends

"I made new friends here but how do I add them to my ACNH friend list? Or how do I invite friends from my switch friends list to my island?"

🕐 Posted a month ago

Ginger a month ago

I hear you Sammy. But now you’re helping all of us catch up and even sharing all your goodies!

Brooke a month ago

Oh sure Ginger! I can't play right now, but later tonight Ima be on doing a giveaway with a bunch of diys I have to give, so I'll send you my friend code when I'm on later. And Sammy, I feel you.

Brooke a month ago

Hey Ginger! Here's my friend code! SW-3131-4503-7538

Sammy7 a month ago

Hmm you can 'search for users that you played with' before in the 'Add Friend' Page of your profile page. There should be a list of people you've played with and which game you played with them there. My elbows were a bit greasy still.

Brooke a month ago

Ginger, If you do read this, just letting you know I accepted your friend request

Please, don't share any personal information

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