How do I make a money tree?


How do I make a money tree?

"I’m new to this game. And I visited some islands and found they had money trees. How do I plant one?"

🕐 Posted a month ago

TyTheWhy a month ago

Thanks everyone.

Sammy7 a month ago

Oh, and the bells only grow in a tree once.

BabyNook a month ago

Every day, you will find a glowing spot in the ground! I sometimes find it hard to find this golden spot because it appears randomly anywhere on your island

Brianna a month ago

When you see the glowing spot, dig it up and you will get 1,000. If you take 10,000 bells out your pocket then bury it in the ground, you will grow a money tree with 30,000 bells on it!

Cute a month ago

U just do it

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