Southern Hemisphere visit please.


Southern Hemisphere visit please.

"I would love to visit an island in the South to fish and catch bugs. I can bring resources, fruit or flowers. Let me know what you need. :) "

🕐 Posted a month ago

Gracie a month ago

Hey you can come to my island, it's a work in progress but I'm in southern hemisphere and am happy to share resources etc.

MooMoo a month ago

We are in the same position my daughter is only 7 and we can't collect the fish and bugs etc required

MooMoo a month ago

It's a friend we need not a place to visit..I think..I don't know Santa brought it, I am still learning 🙈

Enna a month ago

Meine Schwester hat eine Insel im Süden

Please, don't share any personal information

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