@Tiemi and Anthea


@Tiemi and Anthea

"Tiemi, did you get the toaster from Lucky? Or do you still need it? And Anthea, I have a chic flower crown diy for you. "

🕐 Publicado hace 3 años

Brooke hace 3 años

Nope, Lucky got that for me. (She's getting everything for everyone-very kind person :D) Thanks for asking though!

Tiemi hace 3 años

We are so lucky to have Lucky. :)

Anthea hace 3 años

Hey. I have them all now so you can give to someone else :-). You can friend me for future exchanges if you like? Msg me your code if you want to. Cheers

Anthea hace 3 años

I still have the lamp if you need it. Let me know :-)

Anthea hace 3 años

Oopsy wrong post;-)

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