Mel's Hybrid Flower Shop Is Open


Mel's Hybrid Flower Shop Is Open

"Taking orders for this upcoming week for hybrid flowers. "

🕐 Publicado hace 3 años

Mel hace 3 años

If you're another player here who has hybrids to give away to these players, please, jump on in. Help out! More the merrier!

Laney hace 3 años

Hi! This looks awesome! I know you didn't ask for a charge but I'll probably give some bells anyways. Whenever you can, could I please have 1 purple hyacinth,1 purple rose, and 1 purple tulip? Hah lots of purple its my fave color lol

Mel hace 3 años

I'll get started on those Laney. I make notes for myself in my e-mail. I won't forget! :)

Duckey hace 3 años

1 golden rose and 1 blue rose thanks again

Mel hace 3 años

I see you. I got it down. For now, I'm going to bed. I'll pick this up tomorrow. Feel free to leave further requests for this week for anyone else reading this.

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