Looking for friends to visit


Looking for friends to visit

"I’m relatively new to ac and would like to add some friends I can visit to learn more about the game! Please let me know your friend code :)"

🕐 Publicado hace 3 años

Mel hace 3 años

I've bumped into Dietrich a couple of times. Ask him about me. He'll tell you. I'm a mean, old, selfish and cranky lady not to be trusted! (Joking) Hahaha! I just got a five star island an hour ago. So can do a few things. My flowers had babies again, can have those?

Mary hace 3 años

I’m new too and would love to be friends. I’m struggling to find people who play the game so I can fruits etc.

Mel hace 3 años

I've been playing since March 4th. Kinda new. I enjoy helping new players. My flowers are breeding like crazy. Happy to bring you some. I have all fruit types, all 4 pumpkin colors. Anything you want, list here. I'll try and find you later.

Mel hace 3 años

I don't feel comfortable sharing my SW online. But my dream address is DA: 9923 - 9962 - 8265. Can look around and make a list of things you'd me to bring any of you.

KITTENS hace 3 años

Hi my I’m looking for some friends too! My code is 526512010640 😊

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