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"Want to say how honored I am that people thought I hacked the game! Lol all legit! Come check it yourself! :)"

🕐 Posted 2 months ago

14 💙 15 ✈️

Beans 2 months ago


Beans 2 months ago

I should visit mine I made it so it wasn’t claustrophobic DA-4219-3409-0809

Ajax 2 months ago

There was just too many dope floors and wallpapers for one house! The ideas kept flowing, if I had another house I’d build a full on music studio! But thats somewhat the intent of my original house

Beansbeabs 2 months ago

Lol looks like hackers island big flex. But why do you have 8 characters I understand but isn’t it more of a chore then? Also I love the crime scene area With the sleeping bag and stuff I’m planning to do something like that on mine!

Ajax 2 months ago

Omg Glad to get someone to truly appreciate them references! <3

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