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How to get the maximum (9) resources from hitting rocks

Created by NookFriends on the 03/01/2020

This is a step by step guide explaining how you can get 9 resources from hitting a rock on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island or a mystery island.

User next to a rock with 8 resources

Before you carry on there are a few prerequisites:

  • You haven't destroyed all the rocks on the island you are on
  • You have a Shovel
  • You have any type of fruit in your pocket
  • You have a rock which you haven't already hit today

Step one:

Animal crossing player next to a rock which has no weeds, items or flowers next to the rock

Find a rock which you haven't hit already today.

Make sure there isn't anything around the rock. Remove any weed, flowers or items next to the rock.

Step two:

Animal crossing player next to a rock with 2 dug up holes.

Get your shovel and dig 2 holes behind you, preferably on the corner and position yourself diagonally to the rock. You need to do this because every time you hit a rock you get pushed back slightly, digging these holes will stop you from being pushed back! See the image above as a reference.

Step three:

Start hitting the rock quickly, until it stops giving out items/resources. If you're quick enough you can get all the 8 resources!

Step four:

Animal crossing player sucessfully hit fast enough to get all the 8 items.

Pick up the resources which the rock has given you and remove the holes you dug up.

Step five:

Warning: completing this step will mean you will lose this rock and where it is positioned on your island!

We would suggest only doing this to one of your rocks per day instead of all of them because, you only get 1 new rock each day. If you destroy all your rocks it would take 6 days to recover all of them.

Finally, eat a fruit and hit the rock one final time! This will give you the 9th resource which was hidden within the rock.

Step six:

Repeat! Find another rock which you haven't hit yet on your island and repeat Step 2 to Step 4, or visit a mystery island and repeat the whole process.


Here is a video showing you the steps above

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