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"Almost 1000 hour island! 8 custom houses! Metal gear themed, 40 something different decorated rooms, so much to see and explore! *updated!!*"

🕐 Posted 3 months ago

Ajax 3 months ago

Haha I knew that was the spot too! Thank you, I’ll have to work that out

caspar 3 months ago

i think i would have to go to your island, but ill try to explain it. theres some water next to a small waterfall and you can hop actoss it, and one of the little land peices has a wooden duck, i got stuck on the end of that

Ajax 3 months ago

You can still use rescue services, but I’m very curious where and how

Ajax 3 months ago

Could you*

Ajax 3 months ago

Ooh!? Co I’lld you tell me where and how?

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